The Duplex World Virtual Conference 2021 was held online on the first three afternoons of June. It offered a wide range of topics relevant for manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users of duplex stainless steels. In total, over 280 attendees attended one or more of the sessions.

Duplex World has a long-standing reputation as a high-quality technical conference on all aspects of this versatile group of materials. This year the focus was mostly on networking and discussions.

Each virtual conference afternoon was themed:

  • June 1 – Manufacturing Duplex
  • June 2 – Welding and Additive Manufacturing with Duplex
  • June 3 – Duplex Applications

The international Steering Committee developed a virtual conference that was both informative and accessible. Drawing on a year of experience working in the online environment, they ensured that the technical conference program was inclusive, lively, and relevant for all 280 participants. Conference topics were divided into easily-digestible sessions followed by networking and Q&A opportunities to ensure maximum engagement by all.

Technical, relevant program
Duplex World is renowned for the technical depth and relevance of the topics presented. While duplex stainless steel is holding its own in traditional markets such as chemical/petrochemical and oil & gas, it’s also expanding into structural applications such as bridges and tanks. Additive manufacturing is an exciting application that is also exploiting the benefits of this family of materials. Welding remains a popular topic, while case studies provide real-life reference cases. Our expert speakers covered these topics and more in the adapted online conference program.

A full retrospect will be online in the second week of June.

A word from our chairman…

“Duplex World Virtual Conference 2021 was an exciting event, with world-leading experts from across many industries presenting on the latest topics in the field of duplex stainless steels.

A special ‘thank you’ to the presenters and participants, who engaged in lively discussions during and after the event; speaking live or asking questions via the chat window.

I look forward to seeing you all in person next year in Rotterdam for the Duplex Word 2022 Conference & Expo.”

The Duplex World Virtual Conference 2021 Steering Committee