Travel Information


RDM Onderzeebootloods
RDM-straat 1
3089 JS Rotterdam

By car:

Leave the A15 motorway (Ring Rotterdam Zuid) at exit 18, Heijplaat. At the top of the exit, follow the signs for Heijplaat / Havens 2250-2750 on Reeweg, bearing left onto Waalhavenweg. From here, follow the signs for RDM Rotterdam, which takes you to Heijplaatweg (via Droogdokweg).

Parking for RDM Onderzeebootloods [Submarine Wharf] at RDM-straat no. 1 is in parking areas A, B and C. Even though parking area C is the largest, it often is also the busiest. Please consider parking at areas A or B instead.

RDM Parking areas

By public transport:

The easiest way to navigate the public transport around Rotterdam is to download either the NS app for train connections or the 9292 app for information regarding all forms of public transport including tram, metro, train, and bus.

Alternative options:

The RDM Onderzeebootloods can also be reached by Rotterdam’s unique water taxi service. On fair weather days*, the small but speedy boats can carry between 8-12 people from around 50 locations up and down the Nieuwe Maas river, covering Rotterdam and Schiedam.

Simply book your journey from any of the listed locations and arrive in style to either our Heat Exchanger World event or our Networking Dinner.

To get to the event: ask for RDM – Heijplaat (92)

To get to the Networking Dinner onboard SS Rotterdam:: ask SS Rotterdam (56)

Download the app or check the water taxi website for more information:

RDM Loods